Missionary Training Camp

GO! Into all the world

The field is the world… This is the Master’s commission. Only Jesus can save them.

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Seek and Save the Lost

We have our job. Our Commander in Chief gave clear instructions and the power of His Holy Spirit.

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The Message

There can be no compromise. The full gospel must be preached into all the world and nations must be discipled. “Nothing taken away and nothing added to” to the faith for which we, the saints must earnestly contend for.

Every human being must stand before the thundering throne of the Magnificent Creator of all to be judged for the life lived, the actions taken, the words spoken, the thoughts indulged and the slightest motives and intent of the heart. Nothing will be hidden nor overlooked, no excuses of human weakness will be accepted because Jesus walked in a body just like ours not only as the Son of God but in complete humility and humanity as the Son of Man.

Our commission is clear. Proclaim liberty to the captives and the recovery of sight to the blind. Christ died for our sins and commands men everywhere to repent and believe the gospel.

Next Step…

Yes, Count me in. I want to be trained in God’s word.